About Us

Our Story

Since its inception in March 2008, BeauMedic had always pride itself in providing the most advanced bespoke treatments for a comprehensive range of skin conditions. Our headquarter is situated in Selangor, Malaysia. All our skin therapists are continuously trained to methodically analyse skin conditions before presenting clients with personalised solutions.

Our commitment to investing in cutting-edge technologies and advanced aesthetic methods has also enabled us to cater to new market demands for faster and more effective results. Beauty is no longer a luxury; it is increasingly a "necessity" in today's social expectations. Maintaining an attractive appearance will often lead to a beautiful and positive self-image, resulting in spiritual joy.

It brings us great pride when clients revel in their transformation. This inspires us to relentlessly strife in maintaining the leading positions in the professional care and aesthetics market.

Our Vision
We aim to be the benchmark amongst professional skin centres for both impeccable quality and extraordinary service; expanding internationally and maintaining the lead in the dermaceutical and aesthetic markets.
Our Mission
We are committed to offering bespoke skin/body care treatments, focusing on technologically-advanced treatments and methods that treat the skin from deep within. We also seek to continuously improve ourself and share that excellence with our clients in their personal transformations.